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Biography of Wendy Stewart, NMD, CPT, LE

Wendy, a Texas girl moved to Ontario Canada in 1996. Wendy is a National Marketing Director with 18 years experience. Wendy’s commitment to herself has been to keep her own health a priority since having open-heart surgery at the young age of forty. Wendy lost her younger sister Joy to cancer. This has inspired Wendy to try to share with, as many that will listen how important taking charge of your personal health is.

Wendy believes her Life’s Experience is her greatest teacher. From an early age she has had to have a take-charge attitude. Wendy’s father and mother divorced when she was eight years old. During her young years she claimed responsibility as her own to help raise her three younger siblings. The four with their Mom lived in and out of their Grandparents home. Wendy believes her foundation was built in her grandparent’s home where she was taught about faith and the power of prayer. Wendy speaks internationally sharing what has turned her personal illness into health. Over the last ten years she has become determined to educate others how they have the right to feel good. She believes health is a personal responsibility and never ending. Wendy believes her foundation is her belief in Jesus Christ but also believes she has the same God given ability as we all do to learn from what life gives us. Wendy hopes to encourage others to be strong in whatever the situation is. To ask questions, read, study, share, listen and pray. Wendy shares from first hand experience how hard it was to begin an regime of exercise and most important, paying attention to what her body tells her. She became a certified personal trainer to gain more information to better help.

Wendy believes that each day we should all wake up to a sense of well-being. Feeling good shouldn’t be taken for granted and doesn’t just start. It is a process that should begin at birth. For those of us that didn’t have that opportunity, it’s not too late!

Wendy says, “You can start today.”

Wendy is grateful to have a large extended family. Her husband, Paul, brings happiness to her life daily.

Wendy’s greatest joy is her children. She has been blessed with two biological children, Michael and Landon. She also has an adopted son Jason, and Paul’s daughter Victoria. Wendy also has three stepchildren, Nathan, Racquel and Brigette.

 Contact: jpwithwendy@hotmail.com 
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